Club Awesome November 1 2010- Gratitude List

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I have heard that the most healing emotion for our brains is gratitude. Brain scans show that when we are in gratitude/giving thanks, our brains are in their healthiest places. My brain could use some help! So, I keep trying to get my brain to go to the healthy place by 1) jotting down things I am grateful for each morning, 2) ticking things off my fingers as I walk my dog after work each day, 3) by publishing this list, or 4) telling friends. So here goes, thanks for listening.

1. I am healthy, and my kids are too. We have had a few little scares and bumps and potential broken bones, but all is well and we are healthy. There are many people in this world who are not healthy, who do not have opportunities to health care, clean water, nourishing food, or emotionally healthy surroundings.

2. Yesterday I was able to have some long, long overdue conversations with a good friend, clearing lots of misconceptions and learning much more about ourselves and each other in that process. I really value time learning together. That connection space/place is like Heaven to me.

3. I have become really clear about what I want in a romantic relationship, and have been able to voice it to a few people. I think the more I practice saying it out loud, the better I will get at finding it…?

4. I am not married to my ex-husband, or my ex-boyfriends. That sounds snarky, but I am really relieved these days not to be hooked up with any of my past men as I forge these teenage years with my children. It is hard enough to manage the changes in my family without also having the stress of an unhappy relationship. Maybe God is looking out for us after all!!

5. Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 If this is God’s will for me, I might be able to do it… I am not always joyful, but this list is a step towards giving thanks.

6. Beautiful gorgeous amazing fall in Colorado that I have enjoyed to the fullest this year, more than any other year.

Blessings upon you, I hope that our day today is filled with our gratitude, God’s mercy, and love. Oh yeah, courage too!

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