Leprous Giants, Moles, and Fog in Our Path

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“Loneliness is a symptom of being human”
David Jeremiah Slaying the Giants in Your Life

For so long, I have been self-conscious of it whenever I felt lonely. What a revelation that it is NORMAL to feel lonely sometimes! I am not a freak. I am not going to become that weird old lady in the red hat who sits in the back of church by herself and wears too much lipstick and talks to herself just because I feel lonely today.

So is loneliness an emotion just like sadness, anger and happiness? Could we take the attitude that “This too shall pass” rather than feel diseased (leprosy and all those gross sores comes to mind here) when it comes on?

That Giant named loneliness can be really mean and ugly and has ruined Halloween parties and Thanksgiving mornings, not to mention caused me to make some poor choices in my company. But I wonder if his size (and the wounds he causes) would diminish if we decided to just observe it, like a mole on our arm, and NOT conjure up that lady in the back of Church?

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Part 2:
How is our fear of future loneliness actually keeping us lonely today? I wonder if fear of that Giant Dude is keeping me away from people, isolating me further? What if we look at it as a passing fog instead, know it will clear and other emotions will shine/show through if I just allow the time to pass? (There is that “allow” word again about uncomfortable emotions!)

This is a completely new outlook for me! Geez, I wish I had learned this about 40 years ago…

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