Club Awesome Gratitude List November 13, 2010

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I am still pushing my gratitude at you, trying to stay in MY grateful place for all of the blessings in life. The more we focus on positives, the more blessings we will notice, appreciate, and acknowledge. It is really good for our brains. I would like you to comment back to me with a gratitude list or item from your week.

1. It snowed this week! I got to run with my friend Sara early in the snow, and watch the sun come up over it. Wow, so crisp and clean and fresh. Ella made a hilarious snow man laying down on his face in our front yard.

2. My kids keep me on my toes and keep inspiring me to be a better mom. I learn a lot more from my kids than they learn from me these days. Ella said we would be boring if we didn’t put up Christmas lights this week, so she got up on the ladder and made it happen. Dillon really goes for it on the wrestling mat- persevering, pushing himself to the max, and winning.

3. I have been letting go of negative* people in my life and it is allowing space for others to come in– a really amazing concept to watch in my own life. It is one thing to hear about that phenomenon, but totally different to watch it happen! Letting people go if they need to is actually a loving gesture. I cherish my friends, so this has been difficult to learn.

4. My friend Delia cooked dinner for us last night, such a warm, wonderful comforting gesture for a cold dreary day. Thanks D!

5. Ski season is beginning, and we are waking up from our summer slumber. Woo hoo!

6. God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7

*PS- this “negative” person was not just down and out; she was spewing anger and negativity at me while also being demanding and rude.


    1. Hi ddd, thanks so much for stopping by and reading. you are a sweet supportive friend, and I really appreciate it!!


    1. I just bought it on Amazon. I have heard about it before… I think parenting without a partner demands a lot of positive feedback, from ourselves! We can do it though. Love your blog, funny stuff there about mothering much younger kids.

      Thanks for the comment!

  1. Ha! That is the mystery of the year. Did I dress like that? She wears what she enjoys, and is all about comfort and what pleases her. Meanwhile I am all strung out on silly things like trying to find things to wear that match, that are clean, that I have not worn every day for the last 5…

    Thanks Mark. You are very kind : )

  2. Your strong will, positive attitude and absolute devotion to your kids is so apparent…….keep it up!………But I have to ask, who is giving Ella fashion tips? ,

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