Single Parenting Shortcuts 102

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I wrote a long blog back in March with a list of 10 shortcuts for busy people. It is here:

This is a shorter and new list, bc you don’t have time to read long lists, and its about shortcuts!

Single Parents have to find ways to save on time and still get the job done. Here are a few things I think might work. I do them.

1. Dinner vegetables: Throw a bag of carrots on the counter, add Ranch. Serve snap peas instead on special occasions. Add Triscuits for carbs.

2. Networking at office: Forward the funny Swedish commercial jokes and laugh over the cubical walls at them together. Especially good bonding when it is not PC.

3. Exercise: Anxiously stand on tip-toes while waiting for daughter to put her shoes on every morning while running late, twiddle thumbs and ankles nervously while waiting for staff meeting to end so you can get some work done, and cock eyebrows worriedly when we find out our (overly?) honest son is shooting rubber bands and sling-shotting “wasps” in Geography class on a regular basis. Good cardio.

4. Empathetic People Managing: “I know this totally sucks and I am not your favorite person right now. Could you please do it anyway?” Add kind smile and be genuine. Add a silent prayer if you have been doing this a lot lately with the same person.

5. Leaves in yard: Mow lawn. Or just wait until the snow falls and covers them up. Or just ignore them and hope they go away.

6. Quality time with dog rather than walking: Give up and let her sleep on the bed with you. Keep her off the pillows.

7. Make-up: Ultra-thin Sharpies! They come in lots of colors and are cheaper than the permanent make-up tattoo gig. Ok, have not tried this one myself, but keep considering it. I researched this. One coworker and one woman at the hair salon admitted to using sharpies as eyeliner. How about if you try it first and let me know how it goes. Be careful of caffeine shakes…

8. Teeth Care: Brush teeth in shower, floss while reading school paperwork. Be cautious if kids are talking to you that you don’t fling food bits at them while they explain about the 20 tubs of cookie dough you need to buy for the band fundraiser this year so that they can win the plastic radio prize.

9. Protein in diet: Iron supplement? I don’t think this one really counts as a wise choice. But there are entire days when the only eat food that works is in handfuls, and chocolate chips come to mind as my favorite handful… Try to add almonds.

10. Make the list only 9 things long instead of 10! And go laugh with your kid.

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