Club Awesome: sharpies, beds, and sunshine

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New format for this weekly list: I am going to depersonalize it some and make it about things in general that we can all be thankful for. I will attempt to be creative, grateful, and cheap bc that is what single parents need to be.

1. It is almost Friday. Tomorrow night we get to either go out with friends and relax and stay up past 9 pm actually enjoying ourselves and not doing the dishes. Or, we get to put pjs on, eat cheap pizza, and watch a movie with our kids.

2. God answers our prayers. But we have to be careful what we pray for! The other morning I thought I was being very specific. I asked God for a man in my bed and said that I didn’t really want to go to work in my office. Minutes later, I opened the bathroom door, and there was my man-son in my bed, coughing on my pillows and complaining that he was sick and couldn’t go to school. That is not really what I had in mind, God. But thanks for your sense of humor. We had a really good day together, and I am glad he thinks of me and my space as a refuge when he feels ill.

3. Church is cheap daycare. I honestly don’t know what I would have done these years had I not had the guarantee of an hour once a week when I could sit in Church and get good stuff poured into me while knowing my kids were happy and occupied.

4. The sun comes up every morning, and we can count on that. God is good, and will always be there, just like the sun. I heard a great quote on the radio this morning: “You either have a big problem or you have a big God. I choose to have a big God and little problems”.

5. Sharpie pens. They have lots of uses, many colors, and they are fun and cheap.

6. This amazing video on UTube!

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