Grateful Zone February 21, 2011: Ariel and Abundance

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I have been in a state of self-centeredness for a few days, and it is bugging me a LOT. I am a little whiney, lacking gratitude, and resentful of several people who don’t deserve it. I have my health, my job, my great kids, good friends, blah blah blah. I am Ariel in Little Mermaid (aged about 30 years and not nearly as cute in a clamshell bikini)- singing about all the great stuff I have but I WANT MORE. And– I really want my dog Max to stop chewing his fingernails at 4 am, as it wakes me up. Maybe all I need is a nap, but I am going to write aobut it anyway…

Sooo, this is my remedy (along with shutting Max out of the bedroom), my weekly list of things that are easy to be grateful for. Gratitude lists help us remember what blessed lives we live and how lucky we are to be right where we are, today, in this life, living it now.

1. Living abundantly: An entire chicken costs less than $6 at the grocery store. When I add in $2 worth of potatoes, some salt, pepper, and maybe rosemary to the crock pot or roasting pan, it is a lot easier and a cheaper meal than going to Subway or Qdoba for dinner. When we are grumpy and tired, it works like a charm.

2. We can manifest abundance for ourselves. My recipe for abundance this week is this: a) chicken in the oven, b) a trip to the library for a pile of free books, c)gratitude prayers for my health, friends, kids, family, and my job, and d) giving to others. Suze Orman says we can manifest more abundance in our lives by giving away, clearing out, and throwing out old stuff. I believe that concept too. There is no reason for me to hold on to stuff I don’t need or use.

3. We can choose to live abundantly today, without spending any money- I am going to be the most generous person I know today with my time with kids playing their favorite games with them; with my friends giving them smiles and friendship; with myself giving me prayers, writing, and exercising time; and with the community I live in by radiating gratitude and abundant kindness.

4. Giving to others is easier than we think and gives us the gift of losing our self-centeredness. I can get so caught up wishing I had this and that, like Ariel’s song -“ I have gadgets and gizmos galore… but I want more”. I want to lose my self-centeredness, to gain. Just for today, it won’t be about me. (Hopefully it will last a little longer than 1 day, but all I can do is one day at a time. If I plan any more than that, and I end up messy)

5. Living abundantly, without self-centeredness, is Happiness Habit #3. Giving ourselves, our food, our gifts, our things we don’t use that others would use. And again, giving our time (Habit #1) and acceptance (Habit #2) to others without judgment or agenda.

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