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The high school reunion is now less than 2 weeks away… I have only seen 2 of them in the last 8 years, and Brad for only 1 hour. I have not measured up to MY dreams as a high school girl working hard to go to a good college, to get a good job, to marry a good man, to have beautiful children and a house with a garden and leather furniture.

I DID go to a good college, and I DID get a good job. I did NOT marry a great man, either time. I DO have a garden, but the leather furniture is ratty now.

Mostly, I DO have beautiful children, whom I am very proud of, and impressed by on a daily basis (yes, sometimes I am impressed with his arguing skills). Life isn’t what I thought it would be in high school, not at all. Some days I am amazed at how tiring and BORING it is to be a single parent in charge full time of the taxi, ATM, refridgerator, and laundry. Other days, I am impressed with God’s blessings on me and my family.

I had to sit myself down the other day and remind myself that none of the 8 of us had our dreams come true. We all are a little perplexed and can feel disappointed: his marriage to his HS Sweetheart didn’t work, she didn’t become a famous actress, he didn’t become the sales mega-dude that he wanted to become, his marriage didn’t work and he misses his children now, etc. etc. BUT- we each gained something we never expected. I can tell that, from just our quick emails back and forth while planning. I am looking forward to hearing about the blessings that DID come through, the amazing gifts from life that were unexpected when we were naive 17 year olds.

We are going to have 3 whole days without children or spouses to catch up, drink, socialize, laugh, and tell our stories. I can’t wait. I am going out tonight in my new shoes, to practice walking in them, to practice socializing with adults, and to remember how to laugh between 9 pm and midnight. Usually I spend those hours urging teenagers to go to bed. I can’t wait.


  1. Hey, it’s great you are looking forward to it!!! I’m not sure if I would like a reunion, although most probably I ended up better than most of my ex school mates…
    How is practising the high heels going??? 🙂

    1. Every other hour I think about cancelling out. But they were my best friends in school, so it should be very fun! The shoes are so tall, but very very cute. Need more practice this weekend!

    2. If you even knew the mental and physical preparation for this weekend coming up now in 1.5 weeks, you would die laughing…

  2. Your are sure to have fun. Be proud of what you’ve accomplished and endured. You are a successful woman both academically and professionally. An amazing single parent who has raised two incredible kids who I’ve never met but am sure they are destined for greatness. You look fantastic and will undoubtedly be the envy of your former classmates. Remember it’s not a competition, be humble and enjoy! Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

    1. Thanks Mark, that is very sweet of you to say. I am not looking at it as a competition. I am more nervous about retelling my history between HS and now, as there are some very unpretty parts that I would rather forget and focus on the present and looking forward. But they are good friends, and love me no matter where I went.

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