My Caffeine Regimen

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I have an actual caffeine regimen which you would think is akin to a workout regimen, or a course of therapy.


  1. No coffee ever because it makes me cry and 24 hours later I am exhausted.
  2. Make a delicious chai tea 1st thing every morning (with tea bag, not sugary syrup which just adds to my butt) with good creamer to get me going in the morning.
  3. Only if it is later in the week, and I am dragging, do I get a 2nd cup of chai with the yummy coconut non-dairy creamer at work.
  4. Green tea only after noon. No black tea after 12 pm. It keeps me awake.
  5. On Thursdays, I get to drink a Diet Coke. I love Diet Coke Thursdays. That is the only day of the week I drink soda, and only one. If I forget, I have to wait another week; it is too unhealthy.
  6. Only 1 store bought chai per week because that sugar is just not good for my thighs.

You would think I am planning a war effort, battling a gambling addiction, or planning to save the orphans the way I regulate my intake. It is super important I keep these rules, only a couple of exceptions:

  1. Of course, if I am running long or a long race, I get a cup of coffee first.
  2. I need an Arnold Palmer (or 2) at work lunches so I can be energetic, excited and enthusiastic even when bored to death. So that black tea doesn’t count.
  3. On Fridays if I am especially tired, I get a soda with lunch: full sugar, Dr. Pepper usually.
  4. Oh, and if I am travelling, I buy a chai every day.
  5. Sundays I drink 2 cups of chai because I… I don’t know, because sometimes I feel like it.

Definitely an addiction.

Challenge #3: See humor in the way we try so hard to control our lives, only to be taken down by a soda pop :).

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