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Frederick Buechner says we are our secrets. I am my secrets, and I tell them to you as I roll them around my brain on the way thru my pen and paper, to the keyboard, to the screen, and finally push “send”. Like a scrolling golden spiral, reaching out to you.

Buechner says “It is vastly more interesting than to pretend that I have no such secrets to tell.

We tell our secrets to others for many reasons- to be interesting to others, to be vulnerable with a person we want to be friends with, to help others not feel alone with their secrets, to try them out loud to see how it sounds, and also to shine light on them so that their towering strength over us can shrivel.

We do need to choose our receptors wisely, but being secretive is an illusory life, a bit Victorian. Perhaps even constipative?

Challenge#6: What secret binds you up, keeps you from growing where your higher self wants you to go? Can we begin by writing the secret on paper, and graduate to sharing it?


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