We Deserve a Love Letter… You Got This!

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‘Tis the season to feel under appreciated. It is the week before Christmas… We spent a %^&* ton of money on/holiday travel/food/activities/gifts. Our bosses are still expecting us to produce and work (and did yours also assign you work for next week like mine did?). We found our our “bonus” is really just a love tap. The holiday parties are mainly a pain in the neck. Family is edgy. And is that a tickle in my throat I am starting to feel?!?! The extent of my holiday baking is finding the sprinkles so far.

There is more to tell me, I know. But the train has left the station already flying towards the cliff of breakdown, headed to fall- apart-and- tell-the -wrong -person-off-Town. It is a short distance from Feel-like-shit-Town.

Let’s take a big U-turn from doom and gloom fake it ’till you cant take it.

  • Did you hold your tongue today when you lost patience? Great job!
  • Did you hold back on gift-buying even a tiny bit more than last year? Excellent!
  • Did you give yourself 3 minutes to meditate or exercise today for your self? Awesome!
  • Did you hug someone who needed it today? You made a difference!
  • Did you look someone in the eye and appreciate them verbally today? Good on ya!


This season expects way too much of us; it is impossible to meet expectations. So take 3 minutes right now as you walk or drive to your next appointment. Pull out a pen and make a list of everything you have done this season that is keeping you on your path of encouraging the loving wise centered person you know you are. Take a breath and take stock. We deserve this!! The timing is perfect. Sprinkle some good cheer on US.

Keep the train on the tracks.

We aren’t perfect. We are humanly imperfect. We got this!!!

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