If you meet 2 jerks in one day…

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There is a hilarious phrase commonly used as a warning in Alanon meetings. I love it because it applies to me. “If you meet 2 assholes in one day, you are usually the 3rd”.

It is a good reminder that when I am meeting with negativity and frustration, it is likely to be more about what I am bringing to the table.

We all have to remind ourselves to bring the manners, compassion and hospitality every day, not just “for company”. I have to remind myself to consider “Being a Blessing” rather than gold digging for what is in it for me in my interactions.

Just this morning, I was in a cardio class at my gym. It was early, 6:15 or so. I scanned the crowd when I walked in and thought I saw a woman I usually see in my weights class. And I secretly compete against her. I watch her weight bar, check her form, and basically just make sure I am stronger than her at every point in the class. I appease my vanity. I spent the next 40 minutes slamming myself around in the cardio class, making sure I looked “more” than her cardiovascularly. I watched that woman and compared myself all around. I was not friendly with anyone else in class either. I was too busy!!

Then I guess I woke up, because I noticed she wasnt the woman I thought she was. I was being an asshole, to me! I laughed out loud at what a jerk I can be.

Challenge: Find something about ourselves to laugh at today and have a really good chuckle at our expense.

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