Phrases and Quotes Don’t Work Much For Me

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“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% attitude”. Who said that?  It doesn’t matter.  I don’t care because those little phrases piss me off.

They make it sound easy.

It isn’t easy to be optimistic.  I don’t come to optimism easily, I have to reason myself into it.  My mother wakes up and she hits the floor running with doom and gloom; she can’t wait to spread it around and resents others who feel ok when they wake up.  I don’t know if pessimism is genetic or environmental, but after 19 years I had enough of that and never lived at home again.  I can stand about 5 hours with her (all the while praying for her , yes.  And for me not to lose my composure. My eyes tend to bug out when I am getting ready to boil over). The problem is, she lives a 4 hour plane ride a way, is an 87-year old woman who needs and deserves love and compassion.  So I have buggy eyes when in Florida.

I work at optimism. I have a daily gratitude practice, I work out daily. I drink caffeine. I eat chocolate.  It is a regimen!! Re-framing and rearranging my brain is a necessity, not an option.

Did you see the “What the Bleep” movie? That explains about the myelin sheath smoothing over the neural pathways to create new roadways of thoughts and reactions from anger/frustration/pessimism/whatever negative to acceptance/motivation/energy/positive.  I highly recommend the movie.

When I do the work of analyzing and rearranging and see my reasoning for my role, (remember I use role as a grouping of tasks and responsibilities). THEN I can stay motivated and energized for my life.  My role.

I have high expectations for my life, my energy level, my time, my interactions, my footprint. Why the Hell won’t I change the world?? And why aren’t you changing the world?! Oh, but we are…

Breakthrough #17: Keep re-framing your tasks (see yesterday and day before’s blogs for the exact directions); write them down, say them out loud, sing them, draw them, visualize them. Share them in comments to us down below. Send them up into the Heavens with a prayer. Get them in the open air.

Then watch what happens.

More soon-

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