Stop a Moment to Celebrate

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How are you celebrating all the hard work we are doing? How are you acknowledging the consternation, the effort anyway, and the growth coming from all that planning and courage, the showing up day after day for your life? Is it possible to be present with the celebration, the pause in your day or week to congratulate yourself?

I struggle with that pause and reflection concept. I am so impulsive and tend to go off half-crocked just keep on truckin’, so to speak. I raise the bar every time I meet it rather than stepping back a minute.

This week I jammed at work and at home. I had huge goals, personally and professionally, a lot of pressure from she-who-shall-not- be-named. And I met them. I showed up and kept going (Yes, I watched a little Netflix at night when I should have been in bed, i will work on that. But the 3rd season of The Crown came out and i couldnt resist).

What would it feel like to stop and set aside 5 minutes alone to notice for ourselves all the headway we made? All the tasks checked off, all the good boundaries we kept, all the times we reached out with love and compassion?

Breakthrough #18: write down all of our accomplishments for the week. Put it all down, a big brain download. Look at that list!! Wow. If your best friend accomplished all that, what would you tell him? Now spend the last 30 seconds thanking yourself for showing up.

The rest of your day, be present and notice throughout the day all the things you did, all the mountains* you worried about but climbed anyway. I’m telling you, you got this!!!

*a clean kitchen, a laundry mtn diminished, a mtg run smoothly, a budget met… it all applies!! Because the reality is, no one appreciating you is as important as You Appreciating You!

More soon…

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