Day 8: Being Present Summary So Far: Habits, Rewards, Accepting, and Releasing

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Phew, that title is a big brain-full! Day 8 and here we are, committed to our More Peace/Inner Harmony Quest of Being Present (Book #1).  This is courageous work here, and we are doing it!  I am not telling you anything new, just providing the framework and the company because I am writing right alongside you in my journal these 3 weeks too.  Your kids are so worth you spending this time, and YOU are so worth spending this time.

Great job.  Let’s keep going Sweet Mama.  We got this!

So far we are practicing these steps to be more present:

  • Day 1: Committing to the quest for more inner peace and harmony 15+ minutes a day
  • Day 2: Using the More Harmony Spiral (Journal) you made for yourself for 15+ minutes a day
  • Day 3: Setting up mini-habits and rewards towards our goals; using a rewards couplet because scientists say that works (I assume you already know your SMART goals, if not, then is weekend homework with Miss Google)
  • Day 4: Deciding on and accepting what we can and cannot control
  • Day 5: Letting go of what we cannot control
  • Day 6: Releasing and turning over to Higher Power what we cannot control
  • Day 7: Finding the gifts in now and looking at the legacy we want to leave behind for our kids

You have done a great job at sticking with it.  None of these are new and earth-shattering ideas.  You have heard them all before.  But have we really spent some time on them, writing them out for ourselves, and clearing the path forward for ourselves?  This is our chance to spend 15 quiet minutes a day, reviewing, writing and setting our intentions.

We have to let go of the past, and practice being in our present.  There is no room for self-shaming blaming pity parties.  It steals energy from our more important work of keeping our strength, energy, confidence, and bad-assery up. Let the crap from the past go and be ready to be here now.

Let’s keep going Mama.  You got this!

Breakthrough Actions: Look back in our journal today and shore up the topics that need a little more thought. Highlight our favorite topic or tactic and give ourselves gold stars on the days we did big work.

Affirmation: I am doing a great job at looking deep and clearing some good paths forward. This might be hard, but I am going to keep going and keep loving on myself. I deserve this time, and my kids deserve for me to spend this time!

More Soon 🙂

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  1. Great post. I’m probably only managing a couple of the steps right now. I find it very difficult not to feel anxious about work.

    1. Me too. It is a daily struggle to keep putting 1 foot in front of the other to keep “going to work”, working, and being productive. The anxiety is harsh. I need the disciplined approach to keep upright and moving forward. I think so many of us do these days! I wish you well Mrs. estj, we are lucky to have a job, but it still isn’t easy.

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