Coping with COVID: Day 3: Wonder Woman for Breakfast

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Today I am not asking you to be Wonder Woman, we all learned that doing everything for everyone is a crock of shit that drives us to day-drink.  So let’s not try to do everything in a day and be everything to everyone, fixing all problems in one day. 

It is easy to feel like we need to fix everything (and there is so much these days to clarify and fix in our world!). And easy to feel like we are the only ones to do the work. But what if we leave behind the overwhelm and just focus on one thing at a time?

Today at breakfast time, stand up like Lynda Carter‘s Wonder Woman–with her hands on her hips and calm stare at the world of chaos in front of her. That Wonder Woman pose actually releases more testosterone (the confidence-building hormone) to your bloodstream if you stand that way for 30 or more seconds And while you are at it, hold your chin up, belly in, and nod your head.  These also add confidence and sends signals to others to agree with us.  Feel free to review Gal Gadot too, she kicks ass as today’s Wonder Woman (she just doesn’t do “the stance” Lynda did so often).

We aren’t faking it until we make it. Confidence is not about putting on an act. It is about remembering who we are and the BS we have already lived through and goals we accomplished. You have dealt with awful BS that you didn’t think you could stand before, but came through with flying colors. You will do it again. Start with one small brave thing today and more confidence will flow. You got this! (I used to do this stance in bathroom stalls at the office before job interviews and performance reviews, after harsh meetings, before harsh meetings, before talking to the slick engineer who knew everything, etc.)

Let’s start our day calm and confident. Ignore the abso-fuckinglutely crazy news cycle for a few hours, set the social media rabbit (shit?)hole aside for a bit, and start the day with positive thoughts. Accumulate confidence that we are enough, and “the bad guys” (whomever or whatever they are) better watch out, because we have our shit together (at this moment anyway), we are enough, and we have secret wristbands that ricochet bullets away.

Kay and Shipman 2018. The Confidence Code. HarperCollins Publishers. New York, New York. 232 pages.

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  1. I am about to be sarcastic. Please be prepared.
    What I love about our society is people who think they have answers (and sometimes actually do), but they expect to be paid for those answers. Seriously?
    Now I will give you my answer to that, for free. Seriously!
    If you have something to share with the world, something that will actually help make the world a better place to be, please give it away for free! Life, especially a good life, cannot have a value placed upon it. Are we not all responsible to help each other improve ourselves, and thus improve our world, as best we can? This is the mark of a truly self-determined individual. Help those who cannot help themselves, not just those who can afford to help themselves. They are not the ones who need it most!
    If you are indeed a Wonder Woman, which I do not doubt for one minute, give freely of yourself. Today’s times are sorely in need of whatever help we can offer, to everyone.

    1. I am most definitely not Wonder Woman, and don’t want to be. I just want to be aware and appreciate my own accomplishments and use that awareness to have confidence in the challenges now and in my future.

      And yes, I share my wisdom for free in many places, and will also allow people to purchase it at a nominal price so that they value it.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting 😊!!

      1. Good answer. Now if only the capitalists and opportunists of the world would get on board, we might have a world worth living in!

    2. Finding these truths that make the world a better place takes education, time, and dedication. That’s in itself a business. We don’t walk into Target and say, this will help me, so it’s free, right? No… But that’s not to say that if one can give things away free then cheers, there’s are tons of non-profit, philanthropists and kind people that we can thank for helping others. And there are small businesses that make a living by helping others but that doesn’t mean it should be free…

      1. I am not talking products, I am talking ideas, which are free to create, cost nothing to produce, and cost nothing to disseminate. Where is the cost?
        If you want to profit on your ideas, that is up to you. I did say that if the person is self-determined, it is incumbent on them to help their fellow living beings as best they can, because they care. If you want to profit, good luck to you. Have a happy life.

      2. Well, it’s a great thing to be able to disagree with each other, that’s how things get better in our world. I’m sure you have point, I’m sure what it is, but to writers ideas are products on paper, and there are tons of free stuff out there.

      3. The point it you seem to be a capitalist. In my opinion Capitalists should all be put on Antarctica, and allowed to sell and buy to their hearts content.
        Leave the rest of the world for people who want to share the good life with everyone, not just those who can afford it.

      4. Rawgod-Please be respectful of other readers on my site. This comment borders on bullying and is not adding to the spirit of creativity and self-esteem I promote. If you take your point any further, or ever make these kinds of comments again, I will block you from reading my posts.

        Erona Mor, thank you for standing up for what you believe in! We need to be fierce and brave in so many ways.

      5. I think it is important to value what we create, whether it is a hand carved wooden table, a song, a poem, or a story. Charging money is valuing the effort of the creator. I value my fellow authors and life coaches and so pay them money. When I coach others or write books, I charge money for my efforts and so that the reader will value what they are learning.

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