Coping with COVID: Day 4: Are you Peeing Gold?

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Science is real, and that hint (peeing golden) that you are dehydrated is real too. I get dehydrated really fast- by forgetting to drink water, drinking caffeine instead of water, or having wine and chocolate chip cookies for dinner. All took place within the last week for me. But did I listen to the urine? Nope, I was busy taking “care of business”, running around doing errands, reading emails, sending emails, researching for work, vacuuming Basically, I was constantly doing that “one more thing” that I thought was more important than my health.

We all do it. We all are in such a state of disarray that we forget our basic human needs. “Who has time for sleep and water when the world is on fire? We have to get ready for the locusts!” This fight or flight response is natural, we are all doing this same flight dance away from the 2020 insanity. But it isn’t healthy long term. Where are we in this pandemic? How many days in? I don’t know and I’m afraid to go look it up because it will send me down that rabbit (shit?) hole of my phone’s tendency to open up today’s news cycle, and then I will lose focus because it will require IG puppy videos before I can re-enter reality.

Anyway, we are past Day 100 and it is time to see this as an ultra marathon rather than an emergency. We cannot run on fumes and dehydration. Pay attention to your water intake today. Golden showers are for Trump, not you. Make your piss light yellow, no more golden hues please. There are many many reasons to stay hydrated.

You are not alone. You got this. Find a pitcher, a water bottle, a glass. Fill it up and drink it down. And don’t forget your basic needs: water, sleep, nutritious food, and calm for your busy brain.

You got this!

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