Top Ten Awesome Things about Being a Single Parent

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It is all a gift depending on how we look at it, huh?

1. The morning routine is ours, the bedtime routine is ours, and the hello-hug routine is our design. In fact, every routine is ours and exactly the way we like it. (Sometimes my bedtime routine includes tucking mom into bed!)

2. The Budget is ours- We get to decide whether to spend money on shoes or steak or ski passes. We are accountable to no one but ourselves (and the college savings fund decision is ours too!).

3. We get Mother’s Day AND Father’s Day gifts!

4. We can have toast and scrambled eggs for dinner if we feel like it (and I feel like it tonight on the couch in front of my favorite movie- Lord of the Rings, Return of the King).

5. We don’t have to argue or discuss or confer or compromise with anyone about discipline or expectations. (Do you see how Queen status in my house is so satisfying?!)

6. We get to decide what kind of food we eat, how much we keep in the refrigerator, how messy the garage can get (mine is not really that messy, but I am the Queen of the garage too).

7. Our kids know what to expect at home. There is no back and forth, playing one parent off of the other. There is no chance for triangulation. If they don’t like our answer, tough enchiladas.

8. We get to decide the vacation plan too, on the spur of the moment if we want, or planned out and agonized over for months.

9. A super-duper-bonus: Parties in our bed!! (we spread a beach towel on top, order pepperoni pizza and eat it there with a movie, perfect on Friday nights!)

10. Root beer in the master bed too. And cookies. And tickle fights that mess up the sheets.


  1. The other night I let Theo take a slice of mozzarella cheese to bed. I felt strange, like would mice nibble his toes. This blog entry makes me feel better about the fact that I haven’t unpacked my bag from a May trip to the Bay Area. It makes me feel better about the cheese.

  2. What good stuff you write!!!…Have a great weekend. Movies in bed with the kids (and pizza) sounds like a blast!

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