Club Awesome Grateful Zone January 26, 2011

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I used to do Gratitude Lists consistently here. Then I started feeling self-conscious about it so I stopped. But I realize this morning that it really is nice to share with others what we are grateful for. We need inspiration sometimes to stay in the grateful zone. And besides, if you don’t like what you are reading on my blog, you can stop!

1. I am grateful for Bhanu reminding me that we need to nurture our gratitude consistently. My friend Delia assures me that the energy of gratefulness in our brains is the most powerful positive energy we can create ourselves. It really is a powerful tool we can use to create good things in our lives.

2. Tomatoes in January. “Campari” is the brand (, we can buy a box of them at Sam’s Club and they taste like real tomatoes!

3. My fingers may still be numb, but I recovered from my frigid cold shower this morning and was able to hug the children who took all the hot water this morning and send them off to school with warm wishes. (Tomorrow morning they will be skipping their showers) Everyone recovers from bad moods.

4. Good will goes a long way. When we have disputes or disappointments, projecting good will with prayers, positive energy, optimism, or whatever really does make a big difference!

5. A good relationship with coworkers goes a long way towards creating a happy life. I am lucky to work with really smart, kind, thoughtful people who want all of us to succeed. I work every day at these relationships, being the kind of coworker I want to have.

6. Today is Thursday, the weekend is almost here, and we are not sick!!!

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