Club Awesome Grateful Zone February 4, 2011

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A couple of cheap and easy things to be grateful for this week:

1. The light is coming! Make sure you notice that at 5:30 tonight, it is NOT pitch dark!!! Winter is going to subside, the sun will shine, and the weather will get warmer. Spring is not that far away.
2. That website is for single parents- it has a short little article encouraging us and giving us a few tips. A very quick good read.

3. The shoe isle at TJ Maxx. I have decided that once a month, I will take $30 and check out the shoe isle there. I got some really cute cheap leather Etienne Aigner shoes there in January. Try it!!

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4. It is tax season. Most of us have children that are tax deductions, and will get a little extra cash soon. Dave Ramsey ( thinks we need to put some in savings, so this is the month we have been waiting for to get started on the emergency fund. We need to do it!! Check out his free website and financial tips. The emergency fund is more important than paying down debts…

5. Blueberries are in season somewhere and they taste really good with dark chocolate the next time you need a special treat for you. Add Diet Pepsi, and it is ambrosia.

6. Praying for the people we resent, hate, or have done us wrong really does work to get rid of the negative energy so that we can move on, get into a healthier space, and let go of the crap that is keeping us from living our beautiful lives God wants us to live. Try it this weekend, it really works!!


    1. Thanks! I look forward to checking it out Mark. Yes, fun memories of our youth; I recall you teaching me exactly how many miles over the speed limit I could drive in my Jeep without getting pulled over. That is what senior boys taught sophomore girls!!

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