From the Victim Wagon to the Strawberry Stand

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“Reject your sense of injury, and the injury itself disappears.”
— Marcus Aurelius

It is time for me to get back out of the victim-wagon and walk on my own 2 feet, tall and proud of where I am, what I have survived, what I have turned from mess into blessing.

What would it be like to just stop feeling guilty, making others feel guilty, and count the positives? My friend Pam counts positives all day long. A pencil and paper is a lot cheaper than therapy appointments. Thereby making more money available for beautiful shoes, water park visits, and fresh strawberries.

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Noting positives all day long is a nice spin on the same old gratitude list. I have heard multiple times now that the energy of gratitude is higher vibration and more healing than the energy of love even. Of course, gratitude energy IS love energy, as we are loving our lives, and loving our God for giving us our lives and blessings.

Life is not for the weak. Awful shit happens to undeserving people every damn day. Luckily, we aren’t weak, and every day is a fresh new day to get off our butts, be courageous, and make the changes we want to see in our lives.


  1. I like the idea of counting blessings all day long! I think I’ll do that tomorrow with my girls, I’ll ask them and I’ll do it myself too… I’m sure if we pay attention to good things we’ll notice quite a few!

    1. Making it a team game with our kids is a great idea. We need to teach them these habits as well! (and, they have a habit of reminding us of the game precisely when we need it the most).

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